Monday, September 8
9:15-10:15Causes and Effects in Computer Programs (Invited talk)Andreas Zeller
10:45-11:15Automatic State Reaching for Debugging Reactive ProgramsGaucher Fabien, Jahier Erwan, Jeannet Bertrand, Maraninchi Florence
11:15-11:45A Monitoring Language for Run Time and Post-Mortem Behavior Analysis and VisualizationMikhail Auguston, Clinton Jeffery, Scott Underwood
11:45-12:15Debugging using Static and Dynamic Program PropertiesWolfgang Mayer, Markus Stumptner
14:00-14:30Postmortem Object Type IdentificationBryan Cantrill
14:30-15:00Timestamp Based Execution Control for C and Java ProgramsKazutaka Maruyama, Minoru Terada
15:00-15:30Instrumenting self-modifying codeJonas Maebe, Koen De Bosschere
16:00-16:30DUCT: An Interactive Define-Use Chain Navigation Tool for Relative DebuggingAaron Searle, John Gough, David Abramson
16:30-17:00Debugging Tool for Localizing Faulty Processes in Message Passing ProgramsMasao Okita, Fumihiko Ino, Kenicni Hagihara
17:00-17:30Control and Debugging of Distributed Programs Using FiddleJoão Lourenço, José Cunha, Vitor Moreira
Tuesday, September 9
9:00-10:00Idempotent I/O for safe time travel (Invited talk)Zoltan Somogyi
10:30-11:00Towards declarative diagnosis of constraint programs over finite domainsGerard Ferrand, Willy Lesaint, Alexandre Tessier
11:00-11:30Rigourous Design of Tracers: an Experiment for Constraint Logic ProgrammingMireille Ducassé, Ludovic Langevine, Pierre Deransart
11:30-12:00A Constraint Programming Approach For Software DiagnosisR. Ceballos, R. M. Gasca, C. Del Valle, F. De La Rosa
14:00-19:00Excursion to SIDMAR
20:00-Conference dinner at Brasserie Anna, Grote Huidevettershoek 10
Wednesday, September 10
9:00-9:45Debugging Backwards in Time (demo)Bil Lewis
9:45-10:15Modeling state in software debugging of VHDL-RTL designs - a model-based diagnosis approachBernhard Peischl, Franz Wotawa
10:45-11:30Event-based Program Analysis with DeWiz (demo)Ch. Schaubschläger, D. Kranzlmüller, J. Volkert.
11:30-12:00Replay Debugging of Complex Real-Time Systems: Experiences from Two Industrial Case StudiesDaniel Sundmark, Henrik Thane, Joel Huselius, Anders Pettersson, Roger Mellander, Ingemar Reiyer, Mattias Kallvi
14:00-14:30The Chameleon Type Debugger (demo)Peter Stuckey, Martin Sulzmann, Jeremy Wazny
14:30-14:50Availability Guarantee for Deterministic Replay Starting Points in Real-Time Systems (WIP)Joel Huselius, Henrik Thane, Daniel Sundmark
14:50-15:10A mathematical framework for automated bug localization (WIP)Tsuyoshi Ohta, Tadanori Mizuno
15:10-15:30A particular bug trap: execution replay for virtual machines (WIP)Oppitz Oliver
15:30-15:50Automated Fault Localization Using Potential Invariants (WIP)Brock Pytlik, Manos Renieris, Shiram Krishnamurthi, Steven P. Reiss
15:50-16:10A performance analysis tool for Nokia mobile phone software (short demo)Edu Metz, Raimondas Lencevicius
16:10-16:30Generalized systematic debugging for attribute grammars (short demo)Akira Sasaki, Masataka Sassa